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Like water, we fill the void that our customers need and adapt to their long term goals. This is not a short-term strategy but an investment where both companies are satisfied.

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How We've Worked With Other Brands

eCommerce at its Finest

Companies come in all shapes in sizes, from small white labelling brands to large corporate brands, and we've helped them all. 
How we can work together:

    Licensee - Some of our customers have entrusted us with their brands and have give the potential to represent them in Mexico. We've built a model that goes hand on hand with their brands mission and sales expectations. 
    Operations and Strategy - Before you build your international team we can help you operate your business and create a strategy for the native market.
    Partner Up - Your sales are our sales, let us invest into the brand help us grow together. Building you into our large network of partners and other complimentary brands.

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Our Reach

eCommerce Cajanauta

Your Dot Com

Our main service is to develop a strategy for all your digital points of sale. An executive will be assigned to your account to build a multi-channel sales funnel, coordinate inventory, execute operations, plan events and build a business plan based on return on investment. Optimizing your eCommerce and your marketplaces is our priority, but we also take care that your business model is truly profitable. 
We create short and long term goals and measure KPIs to achieve them successfully. Monthly, all efforts will be renewed and the necessary adjustments will be made throughout the entire process.

Sales Report Cajanauta

Data-driven solutions

Not all partners are the same, and each of them requires a different presentation and data. Even the account team needs to have a presence on these issues. The reports of results are a common practice but nobody offers a custom report that apparently "clicks" with a company like us. Based on initial conversations, Cajanauta will develop reports and "hands-in" that will fit to the corporate culture. 
Decision makers and directors will receive personalized reports that will fit their preferences and strengths.

Digital Marketing Cajanauta

SEO, Social Media and Content Creation

Online sales can be underestimated where it's not discovered the power of digital marketing. uses marketing tools such as sponsored ads, Google Ads, SEO, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to execute the eCommerce strategy, bringing awareness (visibility) to your brand and measuring the success of said strategy.
Cajanauta's narrative marketing method builds a storyline for your consumers and guides them through each step of the sales funnel.Ignoring all metrics based on likes and followers, the association will focus on constant real-time feedback, return on investment and data collection, capitalizing on events, dates and competition.

Logistics Cajanauta

Last Mile Delivery

50% of all e-Commerce is thanks to logistics coordination; everything from forecasts and inventory to last-mile delivery. has built a reputation for a seamless delivery system thanks to a range of transformational partners spread across the world. A Nauta-Executive can easily build a strategy that perfectly suits the needs of your company and the wishes of your clients.
No matter all the efforts that makes on the eCommerce strategy, if the logistics fail, the project fails. It will not matter how good your brand is, they will find options and alternatives to meet their needs. Perfection in each phase is necessary.(The exception to the rule: the cold chain is still a myth in the country. At this time, for all refrigerated products, an affordable delivery system cannot be guaranteed).

Business Cajanauta

Forecasting and Analytics

What happens after a sale is made? We use all the necessary strategies and technologies to analyze information and predict the future. BI technologies provide historical, present and predictive views of business operations. Common functions of business intelligence technology include reporting, online data processing, analytics, data mining, complex event processing, business performance management, benchmarking, text mining, predictive analytics, and prescriptive analytics. is not an expert in all the products and services sold online, but it is an expert in obtaining data. Based on your company, industry and market goals, a data package will be aggregated to help forge the best strategy. With great power comes great responsibility.

Legal Consultory Cajanauta

Government Compliance

With an ever-changing ecosystem, laws and competition are variants that cannot be predicted, but with legal protection you can ensure a strategy that safeguards all your potential deals. Protecting your brand is priority number 1 of an association. knows perfectly the value of this and cares about your company, wanting you to meet all your goals.
Especially when you plan to enter international trade, all regulations, contracts, customizations and copyrights are variables that need to be taken into account. In other words, if you're going to do something, do it right. Legal advice and stability above any eCommerce strategy.

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