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Why open more points of sale?

When it comes to options, the more the merrier. Each platform has its advantages and its loyal customers. By offering your products, you open a new market for your brand. For the buyer, the offer has the same quality, fulfillment and joy, but behind it there must be a sophisticated coordination that have found success in implementation.

What we offer

Multichannel Cajanauta

Amazon, Mercado Libre, Liverpool y more

Although Amazon is the most popular marketplace in the US, it is by far not the most visited site for online shopping in Mexico. Our experts are fully aware of the potential of each point of sale and have the ability to manage them all.
Cataloging products in various markets and hoping for the best is the worst strategy a brand can do. Our Executives are prepared to build a personlize strategy in any marketplace, plus we have an internal team that works on building a relationship with the marketplce.
The objective:● Identify the role of the brand in their respective marketplaces● Discover business growth opportunities● Create value strategies and make the most of each one.

Review Cajanauta

Increase the positive reviews of your product

Nothing sells better than a positive recommendation from a perfect stranger.
Why it is important?Being successful on Amazon is a long career built by buyers who appreciated the experience. When multiple buyers leave positive product and seller reviews, Amazon and other marketplaces take this into account and rank your products higher in keyword searches. 
Also, buyers read the worst comments about your products and decide whether to buy or not. It is important to ensure that the client is happy and when all the basic details in this service are fulfilled, you reduce the risk of a negative evaluation by much. We work as a PR for the products.

Administration Cajanauta

The day-to-day account operations.

From day one, our Executive will take care of all the operations and strategies within Amazon. As an extension of your team, they'll execute an eCommerce growth strategy tailored to your goals, keep you in the loop on big opportunities, and become your go-to person in Stop doing it by yourself. Our eCommerce experts will get you where you want to be.
● External tools● Inventory reports● Sales reports● Statistics of quality of service● Advertising performance reports

Market Reserch Cajanauta

Price and Competition Analysis

Before developing the strategy, a brief research on your products and the market is done on the platform. We see how your competition is behaving, what advertising campaigns are running, how much is the bid cost and what are the prices of others. The eCommerce gives buyers the option to compare prices, quality and more before buying. The idea is not to enter into a price war but to offer quality and differentiate ourselves from others.
Resources we use:● Social media data review● Government Reports● Benchmarking● SWOT● Jungle Scout Product Research● Google Trends● Amazon page research● Criticism analysis of the competition

Keywords Cajanauta

Research with intent

The final consumer will rarely buy your product using your brand name. It should be easy to find you specially now that Alexa does a lot of research for buyers.
What are keywords and why are they important?The 'Keywords' serve as a search term for products and services that help the consumer find you. Some keywords are more popular than others and they manage to distinguish your products in a sea full of similar Competition. If done finely, a brand could find its niche and be competitive.
Where are keywords used.● Product titles● Bullets● A+ Content● PPC ads● Meta Information

Ads Cajanauta

Marketplaces Marketing + SEM

Unlike RSS marketing, PPC is the main tool to win visibility in a Marketplace
Advantages● Create a faster relationship between your company and your client, building an active and loyal community.● Target your target market, at the best time and with the best presentation of your product.● Analyze metrics that will help you plan and optimize sales and marketing strategies.● Pay only for clicks, that is, you will only pay when the user clicks on the ad, which allows you to easily control the budget of your campaign.● Marketplaces recommends keywords and very low bids that you can change at any time in your campaign.

Digital Marketing Cajanauta

The extra boost any brand needs today.

Drive curated traffic to your points of sale.
If you don't have a website, driving traffic to your products will help you become a top-seller. The Marketplace itself promotes your products as "Amazon Choices" or "Top Seller". External tools can be used to increase your sales:● Build credibility● Develop awareness● Find your niche
● External tools:● Social Networks● Ad Words● Backlinks● Influencers● Advertising Campaigns● Campañas de Publicidad

Our Optimization Method

Super Optimization of the Algorithm (in spanish)

Since we started, one of our goals was to try to figure out the world of online sales. With so many platforms, retailers, search engines, logistics solutions and payment methods, the challenge has become one of our greatest achievements. Today we can gladly offer our own hyper-optimization method for all your platforms. With the constant change and evolution of the digital market, our algorithm stays up to date and adapts its score and suggestions to the latest trends.
The SODA method evaluates your account as a seller and its products and assigns them a rating with clear instructions to achieve a 100% Score.
Pillars of Optimization:● Visual Optimization● Algorithmic Optimization● Brand optimization● Logistics Optimization

SODA Cajanauta

Benefits of Working With Us

The most important thing in a company is its team. We have all the necesarry tools, but we have an even better team to operate them and see between the lines.

Multichannel Management

Using technology, specialized personnel plus empathy for consumers, each sale is unique.

ROI Reporting

We deliver P&L reports for each site and break down your earnings and expenses.

100% Cataloguing

We adapt the products to their respective platforms.

KAM - a ExecutiveNaut

And to unite the team, an expert in ecommerce who will guide the strategy.

In Summary

You're free to compare us and see which company best suits your brand goals.

Online Customer Service Cajanauta

Online Customer Service

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On a monthly basis we catalogue 10K products

Logistics Cajanauta

Logistics parnerts to reach all parts part of Mexico

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We have legal advisors and marketing experts

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We're certificed silver in Mexico largest Market

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We're ranked #1 en Mexico

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We're part of the Mexican Association of Online Sales

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