This service was created for companies that cannot understand and need help at an affordable cost.

The service works with a monthly subscription and is 100% digital.

On a monthly basis you will have access to a Nauta executive to clarify doubts or ask for advice about your eCommerce operation.

You can also contact us in less than 24 hours and you will always have a solution as an answer.

What includes:

  • 100% communication through WhatsApp

  • 5 calls a month

  • Expert team in eCommerce

  • Guaranteed solutions

  • Artboard 11

    Cancel whenever you want

Monthly fee:

$75 USD(cancel whenever)

Frequent Questions

  • When can I cancel?

    Whenever you want, we will miss you, but you can always come back if you need help in the future

  • What are the payment methods?

    Credit or debit

  • Would I get a dedicated executive?

    No, each resolution of doubts (regardless of the contact method) will be random

  • What are the contact methods?

    WhatsApp, phone, email and if you need more help, by video call

  • Why choose CajaMark?

    If you need a little help from time to time. You will have direct contact with a Nauta executive within 24 hours

  • Do you work with foreign companies?

    Yes, as long as the speak in ensligh or spanish

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Our experts are ready to guide you through the next stage of digital commerce. We suggest exploring all of our services and having in mind the right solution before booking a call.