Amazon BOOST


The easiest way to create your account and start selling on Amazon with everything you need to be successful, with the help of an expert.

The BOOST program is a 1-month program to assist companies that ALREADY sell on Amazon (if you don't have an acccount on Amazon please visit AmazonFly) The program covers the optimization of up to 15 products and training to use some of the essential tools of Amazon.

For Amazon Mexico Only

Reach of program

  • Optimization of 15 listings

  • Artboard 22

    Price Suggestion

  • Course: FBA Launch

  • 7. amazon

    Course: Brand Registry

  • Amazon Store (does not include design or copy)

  • A+ Content (does not include design or copy)

  • Creation of 1 Ad Campaign


$62 USD

Sellers can't participate if:● Have an Amazon account manager● You have contracted the Amazon SPN service with another agency● Has sold over $500,000 MXN in the last 12 months● Sell perishables

Frequent Questions

  • How often is AmazonBoost paid?

    One-time fee

  • How long will it take?

    It depends a lot on each client, but on average in a month we can complete the entire program.

  • Do I have to do a procedure with Amazon?

    No, we will inform Amazon know that we are working together.

  • What's next after Amazon Boost?

    You can continue with any of our services, hire our coaching service or grow with our team.

  • Are taxes included?

    Yes, invoiced and ready for tax purposes

  • What if I don't have an Amazon account?

    We suggest the AmazonFly program and help you create your account in Amazon Seller Central Mexico.

  • How does the program work?

    We see each point of the service in portions of video calls, with a maximum duration of 30 minutes. 

  • Can it be used for Amazon USA?

    In this program, no. But there are several other programs to help you open Amazon USA.

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