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Can't get in tought with Amazon? CajaMark is a coaching monthly subscription service for companies that don't understand how Seller Central on Amazon works and need help at an affordable cost. The service works with a monthly subscription and is 100% digital. On a monthly basis you will have access to one of our Nauts to clarify doubts or ask for advice about your eCommerce operation. You can also email us and in less than 24 hours you'll have a reply.
● Add us on WhatsApp● 5 monthly calls● Nauts: Experts in eCommerce● Guaranteed solutions, cancel when ever● Discounts on additional services

CajaMark PPC Ads

Everything that CajaMark offers plus ongoing PPC management for up to five campiangs.  
What we do:● Free up your time● Optimize Ad Spend● Overtake competitors● Qualify Traffic● Lower ACOs● Increase sales and revenue● Offer insights on data from ads

Amazon BOOST

The easiest way to create your account and start selling on Amazon with everything you need to be successful, with the help of an expert.

The BOOST program is a 1-month program to assist companies that ALREADY sell on Amazon. The program covers the optimization of up to 15 products (does not include cataloging of new products) and training to use some of the essential tools of Amazon.

Reach of program:● Optimization of up to 15 products● Price consulting● Course: FBA Launch● Course: Brand Registry Registration● Amazon Store (does not include graphic design or copy)● A + content (does not include graphic design or copy)● Creation of 1 Sponsored Products campaign

Amazon Fly

The easiest way to create your account and start selling on Amazon with everything you need to be successful, with the help of an expert.
AmazonFLY program is a program to assist companies that are NOT yet selling on Amazon or are just getting started. The program lasts 1 month and covers cataloguing up to 15 products and trainings to understand Amazon and take advantage of its essential tools.
Reach of program:● Account creation ● Uploading up to 15 products● Price advice for your products● Introduction to Fulfillment by Amazon● Register your brand in the Amazon Brand Registry● Tips on how you can be successful selling on Amazon

One-time Additional Services

We have a wide range of services to help boost your online sales. Our team and methodology are based on success stories on Amazon. Please consult the sales team for more details and more services.
Services :● Hourly consultant fee - $25 per 45 minute call● A+ Content - $200 ● Amazon Storefront creation- $300 ● Brand Registration in México - $600 + IMPI fee ● SODA Listing Optimization - $10 por SKUs● Photos and Video – evaluation needed ● Cataloguing– Basic $5 / Premium $10 por SKU● Business Intelligence Reporting – TBA*Prices in USD

Súper Optimización de Amazon

Después de años de intentar descifrar el algoritmo de Amazon, finalmente tenemos una solución. ha desarrollado su propio método de optimzación. “Súper Optimización de Amazon (SODA)” que ha demostrado resultados positivos aumentando visibilidad y ventas.SODA analiza la cuenta de Seller Central y asigna un SODA Score a tus listados, ofreciendo instrucciones claras y concretas sobre qué hacer para elevar tu calificación hasta un 100%. Basado en cuatro pilares, SODA analiza lo visual, los datos, la logística y la fuerza de la marca.
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    Expand your sales all throughout North America. connects you with your customers accross three countries. Taking care of logistics, marketing and more. Contact us.
    Looking for something more advanced? Jump over to our Growth and discover how we can work together to build a successfull revenue model in Mexico.
    If you want to sell internationally, protecting your brand is priority number one. Please consultar our legal assistance site for everything from mexican regulations and copyright law.
    Our digital marketing team creates advertising campaigns for social media and search engines with low costs, high sales and maximizes conversions.


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