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Our participation in our alliance is broad. This is what we offer and the ways we make your brand grow and disrrupt the market

Marketplace Management


Selling through various digital points of sale is no longer only a luxury but a requirement, but the
The challenge is not to lose money in the process of growing. In Mexico, we work with the leading sites, for example: Amazon, Mercado Libre, Linio, eBay, Liverpool and more.

Our team at are experts in developing multi-channel strategies, taking advantage of promotional events in their corresponding platforms, logistics coordination and sales projections. By partnering with us, one of our Nauts will take control, join your team and develop a strategy based on your goals.

Cross Border eCommerce


With nations reopening their borders and making efforts for the commonwealth, international eCommerce has taken flight over walls. and our partners have facilitated international sales, operating today in up to 17 countries and adding more each year. Each nation has its commercial, regulatory and logistical challenges; challenges that guarantees perfect execution and operation. Start expanding your business to North America with one of our Nauts and increase your customer base.

Online Sales Consulting


Your main digital sales channel should be your own site or app with its own business model. All efforts in marketplaces, marketing and even digital alliances must support and create an experience for repeat customers. Having your own site will allow you to control your database, rates and decisions of whether or not you want to participate in a promotion.
Our Nautas are eCommerce experts ready to customize the strategy for your brand. This solution is for companies that want to develop their brand well, sell more and invest in the future. 

Customer Journey that Convert into Sales


We are fully aware of the importance of Digital Marketing, so much so that we have created our own marketing agency specialized in return of investment (ROI), customer experience and sales funnels. CajaSTUDIOS and its consultants are prepared to face any challenge and develop a strategy for your company. We adapt to the style of the brand and corporate objectives. Always basing our results, not on appearances, but on short and long-term sales and ROI.
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Protege tu Marca


With a wider reach, your brand, products and services meet a new threat from copycats. Once you start selling online and gain success, imitations will soon follow. Protect your property in Mexico.
Our services include digital contracts, trademark registration, Amazon brand registration, patent protection, import and export. For more information visit:

Super Algorithm Optimization


After years of trying to crack Amazon's algorithm, we finally have a solution and many fail attempts, has developed its own optimization method. SODA (Super optimación de algoritmo) has shown positive results increasing visibility, sales and search rank.

SODA analyzes the Seller Central account and assigns a score to all of your listings, offering clear and concrete instructions on what to do to raise your score to 100. Based on four pillars, SODA analyzes the visual, the data, the logistics and the strength of the brand.

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Digital Business Models

Online Store

3 Clicks and Order! eCommerce strategy based on LEAN methology.


Multi-channel sales and retention in Mexico leading sites.


Create a recurring program for your customers based on the lifetime value of your customers.

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Online Sales, Product Launch & Brand Positioning

Just starting off, visit start to view a selection of one time services that will guarantee ecommerce results.
Long-term strategy and operation. Sign up for an account management service and build and grow your brand in Mexico.
Partner up with us and let us work together to build a successfull eCommerce business for brands of high value and market importance.  
Have a special project in mind? With our Marketing Agency and our Legal Firm , we are fully prepared for any opportunity to fully engage with innovating ideas.


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