CAJANAUTA.COM isn’t just a company but a Vanguard in the next phase of evolution within the eCommerce industry.

As of now, is in its phase 1 of a 3-phase Master Plan to conquer the eCommerce community with its innovating strategies. We are currently operating; offering our services to high premium clients with plans to grow with more customers who have yet to put their feet in the water.

We are eager to enter Phase 2 of our master plan and for this we believe we need to collaborate with the best to get the best results. But getting the best isn’t always cheap. is opening its doors to investors to join our team and help us fulfill our phase 2 which involves implementing:

  • New Technologies
  • Innovating solutions
  • Creative customer approaches
  • Cajanauta Bookings
  • Cajanauta Events
  • Cajanauta Services
  • Mars Deliveries (you read that right)
  • And much more…

Below is our 7 Point Pitch to resolve your questions in “Why You should invest in Us?

Dynamic market opportunity.

Online sales are growing. Here and in China it doesn’t matter what you sell, there are always potential clients for your products. know this and wants to develop services and technologies to assist in the transition and expansion in Mexico and countries alike.

In Mexico alone:

  • Average yearly growth of online shoppers by 40%
  • 67% of online sales are international transactions
  • 6% average increase in all types of products

This is a HIGH demand from buyers and very little reaction from companies to fulfill.

Our Services

We offer 3 services:

  1. We operate Marketplaces for our customers applying our “Hyperoptimizacion Method”
  2. We create, administrate and sell online stores
  3. We store, pack and distribute products to your customers.

The X factor

What makes different from other companies? It’s that we are the only company of our kind. We operate online stores, we post and administrate marketplaces and have our own fulfillment center to distribute to any point of sale. We do this all behind the scenes for one largest customers and help make their presence here in Mexico as respectable and trustworthy as it would be in the US (where 60% of international sales derive from).

We are trying to create a valuable ‘engine’ that would custom fit any of our customers.

The problem you’re solving

There is a high demand from buyers to shop online, but very little companies fulfilling those demands. And if they do try and operate online, there focus isn’t it. Customers are willing to purchase products at a higher cost, pay customs and high courier fees because the products aren’t sold in Online or Mexico, international quality is better, the delivery is faster and because shopping online gives them a symbolic status.  All these challenges, is trying to attack head on with innovating practices and quality service.

Marketing/strategy. aims to bring high quality premium products to Mexico and eCommerce. Our strategy is direct outreach to prospected clients that we find based on analytics research from growing consumer demand.


If you’re serious about investing in our company, before we get into bed together you would need to fill out an NDA. Please view, sign and get in contact with us so we can set up a meeting and go into further detail about becoming a partner.