Your fully managed online store

From the landing page to the confirmation button.
Your eCommerce fully designed, fully running and fully Customizable.

Sell online with your own website.

Cajanauta.com can design, administrate and optimize your Mexican online store. Giving your company a strong presence with a dedicated team in charge taking orders, notifying all parties and preparing shipping labels.

By signing, Cajanauta.com can help with international tariffs, shipping labels, nationalized tags and much more to prepare your products for national saleWe work with the best consultants and top partners in there industry. (fees may apply)

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We go beyond 'running' you website.

We integrate you Brand Online Store with designated social media accounts, improving your Google rankings, creating relevant copy and workings towards an honest SEO.

Cajanauta.com focuses on the long run for your site. Creating a long term relationship with customers where a flow of trust is shared by them to others.

Aside from looking to acquiring new customers our team looks into the life expectancy of a client and tries to reduce their return time, making them a constant and loyal customer.

What does it include?

  Payment Methods

Give your customers different options to pay with: credit cards, Paypal, and even cash payments. We can offer them all to suit your customers needs.


Your company would be able to control operations with details reports, alerts and email reminders. Keeping you up to date on sales, returns, inventory and KPI's


Your entire site needs to be hosted somewhere and it needs to be fast, secure and scalable. Cajanauta.com can assure it will function as intended.

 Photos and content

An image says a thousand words, but a 'good' photo sells products. We coordinate with your marketing/sales team to develop and post amazing photos.

 Above & Beyond

Cajanauta.com also wants to integrate your eCommerce with relevant selling platforms to put in play our "Optimization Method" and increase sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Marketplace?

    • A type of e-commerce site where product or service information is provided by multiple third parties, whereas transactions are processed by the marketplace operator. (for example: Mercadolibre, Amazon.com, Linio.com, Kichink etc.).
  • Where do we offer our services?

    • Cajanauta.com is available only México but we are growing everything and based on our customer demand we are focusing on Latin America.
  • Do I need to have a physical store?

    • No, we believe eCommerce is to bring people together. If you don't have any physical store in the country an online store is a step in the right direction. When entering and testing a new market.
  • Any hidden fees?

    • None! Cajanauta.com stands in favor of fare and transparent practices. If we are hiding something this means our business model doesn't work and we need to fix it.

How does it work?

1. We get to know your business

We learn everything possible about your company. Discuss potential scenarios, choose a coordinate strategy and execute solutions with Cajanauta.com

2. Design Assessment

We consult your brand and get a "Masters Degree" on your company.  Learning from your logo and the psychology of your colors.

3. Digital content creation:

- Photos
- Banners
- eCommerce graphics
- Copy
- Social Media

4. Technical configuration:

- Email
- Hosting
- Cloud
- Geo-distribution

5. Online store configuration:

- Visual configurations
- Product uploads
- Methods of Payments
- Methods of Shipping

6. Continuous service:

eCommerce Administration

- Content & copy revision
- Promotions

Community Managers

- Facebook
- Twitter
- Instagram

Sales and Payments

- Sales Notifications
- Monthly deposits
- Commission management

IT Infrastructure

- Online store architeture
- Distribution
- Scalable growth

Need more?

Ask for our eCommerce Addons and complements:

 Photos and content

Show everybody how safe your site is

Social Media

Let people find you on social networks


Chat with your customers

 Google Adwords

Put your site at the top of google searches

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